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Crop production division of UAB Šiaurės vilkas every year enters into programs with farmers and agricultural companies for malt barley, summer wheat, winter and summer rape growing, purchases fodder barley and wheat. It supplies the growers with seeds, fertilizers, and plant protection measures. During crop growth, farmers are advised on the urgent matters, issues are solved. Grain receipt units accept the production grown; grain is cleaned, dried and stored there.

Production receipt units:

Joniškis area:
  • Šarkiai GRU in Šarkiai Village. Here we accept winter and summer rape, wheat crops. Contact phone +370 426 66161.
  • Reibiniai GRU in Reibiniai Village. Here we accept malt and fodder barley crops. Contact phone +370 426 60006.

Biržai area:
  • Šniukščiai GRU in Šniukščiai Village, Biržai District. Here we accept malt and fodder barley and wheat crops. This year we also started accepting rape crops. Contact phone: +370 698 48866.
Crop production's contact's:

Tel. : +370 426 51690
Fax.: +370 426 60145


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