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About Us

UAB Šiaurės vilkas, established in 1993, for already second decade is successively operating in the grain purchase, preparation and export as well as transport service areas.

The company started its existence in 1993 with grain export; expanding volumes of this activity year by year, the company also became engaged in load carrying firstly within Lithuania and since 1996 it has entered the international load carrying market.

The company is founder and sole shareholder of the companies: UAB Maltosa, UAB SV Transport , UAB SV Servisas.

Currently there are two divisions in the company: crop production and transportation.

Crop production division:
  • Performs grain and rape growing programs
  • Provides grain preparation and storage services
  • Purchases and exports grain and rape.
Transportation division in the beginning of its existence was carrying solely the company's production. Currently it carries own and ordered loads both within Lithuania and abroad. Since 2000 it is the full member of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers' Association Linava.

61 employees are currently working in the company.

Select us, because we are aimed to be your reliable and long-term partner.

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